School Age

We offer a program for our school age children that allows them to continue forming friendships with those children they are attending school with. We gear our school-age program to the likes and interests of the children. A variety of games, art and craft activities, outdoor play and just having good friends around making those extra morning and afternoon hours a lot more constructive and fun. We also offer care on off days, Christmas and Spring break.

Kids Connection offers Before and After School Programs at Clarendon, Rolling Hills, and Section Elementary Schools. We provide cereal, milk, and juice for breakfast in the morning and we will also provide a snack in the afternoon. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies.

All locations are open from 7:00am to start of school and release of school until 6:00pm.

Due to safety concerns and state licensing requirements each child must be walked in and signed in daily by a parent or adult.

Off days, such as Teacher’s Convention, or Conferences, Winter and Spring Breaks we will be running a full day program. We will be located in the gym or cafeteria on these days. Field trips may be planned for some of these days, and you will have advance notice. We will also provide, cereal for breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks. You will have to bring in a peanut free bag lunch on these days also. These days run from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

If for any reasons the schools need to close early due to inclement weather, or water, or power emergencies, we are unable to run our programs on these afternoons.

If school is delayed in the morning due to winter weather, we will still run our programs in the morning. If school is completely cancelled due to any of the reasons listed above we will not be able to run our program from the schools, but if our main center is open, you have the option to bring your school age child there should there be space available. Please call the main center for availability.